Transformation Tuesday~ Making a 180

Big day here in the United States…Election Day!  YOUR vote makes a difference, so get out there and do it! Transform our Country! Your vote can cause the U.S. to Make a 180.  Besides, if you don’t get out there and vote, you really can’t sit at home and complain about who did or didn’t win.  So give yourself complaining rights!  :-)

To get the whole family involved in the voting process today, we set up a simple little voting booth of our own…

(When we made our ballot box, I thought we were being patriotic making red, white and blue…later realized it looks like the French flag…oops! :-) )


Also, speaking of Making a 180, I am excited to give you a sneak peak of the new Shaklee weight loss program.  All about losing it and KEEPING it off.  Not only the before and after pictures, but the before, after and “after-after.”   No more yo-yo diets!  Let’s lose it, FOR GOOD!

Introducing SHAKLEE 180!

The program is complete with online and mobile support, incentives and rewards.  BIG REWARDS!  90 days to lose the weight and 90 days to learn to keep it off.  Still powered by Leucine so you keep 100% of the muscle you already have and lose the fat you don’t want!

The Cinch Shakes will be new and improved…with a new name of Shaklee 180 Smoothies!  Lower calories, lower glycemic index, NO fructose!

Want to have all this for FREE??  Just get three friends to commit to the program with you and yours is free!!

Two customizable kits will be available: Turn Around Kit to lose the weight and Lean and Healthy Kit to maintain your new weight!

It all begins January 1, 2013!!  Can’t wait?  Start your 180 with Cinch today!

Also, in light of this new program and the new Like Totally! Linked in Tuesday Blog Hop I am co-hosting, Transformation Tuesday will be renamed and moved to 180 Wednesday!

Tell me your thoughts on this new program, leave a note in the comments or visit me on Facebook!


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