Recoup and Regroup

Nov 05, 2012 Categories: Cleaning, Organizing, Uncategorized

Hi there!  Last month I committed to a 31 day series of holiday projects. (if you missed it, you can see a complete list here)  So I spent this weekend trying to recoup…because that series kept myself and my family very busy!  And, also, I took sometime to regroup.  I was on such a roll with that series and then suddenly it was over…I thought, “Now what!?”

I had such a great time with all the craftiness…so I am putting together several 5 day mini-series for you over the next two months.  Mostly holiday stuff since it ’tis the season!  Super excited, will be so much fun and not quite so huge as 31 days in a row. (whew!)

Making it through 31 days of writing and crafting made me realize several things.  First of all, if something is really important to me, I  WILL make the time for it.  So all those things I say I “don’t have time for,” really it’s just not a priority and so I haven’t made the time.  I had NO time for procrastinating last month and I rather liked it that way!

I also learned that my husband is even more awesome than I already thought he was!  He didn’t complain once that I was spending all my time crafting, rather than with him…He even helped me out with brainstorming for some of the projects.  What a guy!

I realized how much my oldest son enjoys arts and crafts, too.  Give that kid some glue and watch out  :-) cause you never know what he’ll come up with!  He really helped me out last month!

And lastly, I realized how much I love Mod Podge!  HA!!  Do you know how many different ways you can use that stuff??  Crazy!  Expect to see lots of it here in the future! :-)

One last thing…a before and after shot for you.  This month was so completely busy that by the end of the month my desk looked like this… 

YIKES!  Hard to work in that mess, so now after a weekend of recoup and regroup…my desk looks like this:


Much better, now I am ready to take on the world again!  Stay tuned for some great 5 day holiday and recipe series!  Coming soon!

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