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Our recent move to a new home has presented many opportunities to “turn over a new leaf.”  I am trying my best to make it a very “green” leaf!  The latest change we have made is kicking paper towels to the curb.  They are handy, but also expensive and turns out…unnessesary!  I wasn’t sure I could actually go with out paper towels, but I now have a new love!  MICROFIBER TOWELS!  Have YOU tried them???  Even my husband can’t stop commenting on how useful they are!

So many great uses, so economical, use them over and over.  Microfiber has incredibly fine fibers that capture dust and dirt.  Such fine fibers also make the towels super absorbent, which comes in handy with kids!  Great for all sorts of messes!  I found this pack of 24 towels at Sam’s Club for less than $12!

Microfiber towels from Sams

These are some of my favorite ways to use Microfiber towels:

Microfiber for Window Washing

Microfiber for Washing Dishes

Microfiber for Soaking Up Spills

Microfiber For Polishing Silverware

Microfiber for Polishing Mirrors

Microfiber for Polishing Fixtures

Microfiber For Hardwood Floors

Microfiber for Ceramic Floors

Microfiber for Dusting Furniture

Microfiber for Drying Dishes

Microfiber for Cleaning the Fridge

Microfber to Remove Water Spots

I keep my towels  easily accessable in the kitchen, ready and waiting for these and SO MANY other jobs!

Microfiber storage

Use them by themselves or with your favorite All-Purpose Cleaner!

Microfiber with your favorite all-purpose cleaner

What is your favorite way to use Microfiber Towels?  ~Kelly

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10 thoughts on “Go Green in 2013~ Microfiber Magic!

  1. Thanks for sharing your tip at A New Creation link party! I too am a fan of microfiber cloths. I’m probably not as green as I should be, just cheap and I don’t like paying for paper towels for one-time use! Your cloths are such a pretty color; mine are just white. So glad to hear you are enjoying your new home and keeping it lovely!

  2. I have some microfiber dish rags from the dollar tree that I like for washing dishes. But lots of good suggestions here….I should branch out; we definitely need to get away from relying on paper towels so much!

  3. I think the thing that I like best about microfiber cloths is that I don’t need a lot of additional cleaning solutions. Hot water and a microfiber cloth removes grease from a countertop or stove with no streaking. Hot water with a little baking soda added to it and a microfiber cloth are all you need to clean the interior of the refrigerator. I keep small ones under the sink in the bath. After I finish my makeup and hair in the morning I rinse a cloth with hot water and wipe out the sink, vanity counter, a quick zip over the toilet and toss in the laundry. 2 minutes and very little effort result in a presentable bathroom all the time! I love microfiber cloths!

  4. This is perfect timing! I’m listing my house for sale and am always looking for new ways to stay on top of all the cleaning. These are wonderful tips and I have some microfiber cloths I’ve yet to use. I’ll be putting them to work now! Thanks!
    Jen @ Noting Grace

  5. I am trying to kick the paper towels from the curb. This is still a challenge, espically with a quick food wipe up. Next time to Sam’s I will pick up some of the microfiber cloths!

  6. I really need to buy some microfiber towels!! You shared some great ways to use them. Thanks for linking up at Romance on a dime.

  7. Great post, Kelly! I’ve been wanting to cut back on paper towel use in my household. It seems like we go crazy for paper towels. So terrible for the environment! I’ve got to get me some microfiber towels!

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