Creating A Dream Board For the New Year!

A New Year always brings new hopes, dreams, plans…We’re gonna climb that mountain, lose that weight, change that character flaw.  Hopes and dreams flying about in our heads, but it’s overwhelming, we don’t know the process to get there and so by mid-January we’ve already forgotten or given up.  Aren’t New Years resolutions made to be broken anyhow?


Do you have big plans for this New Year?  Have you put together a list of goals?  I have a horrible tendency of starting off with a bang and then quickly getting distracted and fizzling out.  So how to keep this from happening?  How to keep the sparks flying throughout the year?

My favorite way is by creating a “Dreamboard!”


Follow me over to for the rest of this post and how to make your own Dream Board!

Creating A Dreamboard 2

2 thoughts on “Creating A Dream Board For the New Year!

  1. Love this. I am going to do this too. I have never even written my goals down. I am over from the Messy Roost and I wanted to thank you for stopping by and to let you know that (I am the blog with the snowman jingle bells) I run a small daycare out of my home. My little ones had a plastic hanger trying to play jingle bells wit the ones that were hanging. They were singing and everything. I bet your boys would love them. Well, I am going to grab me some coffee and stay awhile – love your blog. Rhonda

  2. This is an excellent idea to keep all your goals in front of you for the year. I love it. Simple but amazing. Thanks!

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