Oct 26

Let Food Be Thy Medicine~ Printable

31 Days of Natural Health DAY #26

They way healthcare goes these days, we wait until there is a problem and then attempt to treat it.  However, numerous diseases could be avoided entirely if we focused more on prevention.  Convenience has replaced whole foods and we rely too heavily on pills.  Let’s focus on prevention and get back to basics with real food!  “Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food.” ~Kelly

Let Food Be Thy Medicine Printable

Nov 05

Transformation Tuesday~ Making a 180

Big day here in the United States…Election Day!  YOUR vote makes a difference, so get out there and do it! Transform our Country! Your vote can cause the U.S. to Make a 180.  Besides, if you don’t get out there and vote, you really can’t sit at home and complain about who did or didn’t win.  So give yourself complaining rights!  :-)

To get the whole family involved in the voting process today, we set up a simple little voting booth of our own…

(When we made our ballot box, I thought we were being patriotic making red, white and blue…later realized it looks like the French flag…oops! :-) )


Also, speaking of Making a 180, I am excited to give you a sneak peak of the new Shaklee weight loss program.  All about losing it and KEEPING it off.  Not only the before and after pictures, but the before, after and “after-after.”   No more yo-yo diets!  Let’s lose it, FOR GOOD!

Introducing SHAKLEE 180!

The program is complete with online and mobile support, incentives and rewards.  BIG REWARDS!  90 days to lose the weight and 90 days to learn to keep it off.  Still powered by Leucine so you keep 100% of the muscle you already have and lose the fat you don’t want!

The Cinch Shakes will be new and improved…with a new name of Shaklee 180 Smoothies!  Lower calories, lower glycemic index, NO fructose!

Want to have all this for FREE??  Just get three friends to commit to the program with you and yours is free!!

Two customizable kits will be available: Turn Around Kit to lose the weight and Lean and Healthy Kit to maintain your new weight!

It all begins January 1, 2013!!  Can’t wait?  Start your 180 with Cinch today!

Also, in light of this new program and the new Like Totally! Linked in Tuesday Blog Hop I am co-hosting, Transformation Tuesday will be renamed and moved to 180 Wednesday!

Tell me your thoughts on this new program, leave a note in the comments or visit me on Facebook!


Sep 25

Transformation Tuesday…Tools!

Hi Friends!  Another Transformation Tuesday! Been a busy week here.  Lots of events coming up, lots of preparation and anticipation.  This week has been stressful, busy and lacking in sleep.  I must say that has gotten me a bit off track for my Transformation, but it is never too late to get back on that track and that is exactly what I am going to do!

As women, we all crave something.  Whether it’s love and attention, success, building better relationships or something else, we all crave SOMETHING.  I think for a lot of women, that lack of whatever it is causes us to turn to food for temporary comfort.  Very temporary, am I right?!!  I always get so discouraged when I don’t see immediate results after starting a new healthy habit.  I have given up many times and easily fallen back into my old habits. But anything worth working for IS NOT going to happen overnight.  It is in the perseverance that we are able to change and learn and reach our goals.

I was reading this verse yesterday and I am encouraged to persevere.  “You will keep in perfect peace him whose mind is steadfast, because he trusts in you.”  Isaiah 26:3  A steadfast mind has eyes focused on the goal far out in front, not the daily troubles that are very much right in front of our eyes.  Hard to do, but look past those!

Today I wanted to share with you some great tools that have helped and continue to help me on my journey to a healthier lifestyle.  Last week was about my “go-to” foods and this week is about my “go-to” tools.

1. Easy exercise- I have been using these “Walk at Home”  DVD’s by Leslie Sansone for at least 7 or 8 years now.  They are perfect if you are not super coordinated and if you can’t get out of the house or don’t have much space for exercising.  There are many different DVD’s from 1-5 miles. So whether you are just beginning or advanced, there is one for you.

2. Strength training–  Hand weights and Stretchie band.  These two strength training tools make a big impact without being too strenuous. I must admit I have not been using them lately and my arms are paying the flabby price for it!  Using these with the walk at home DVD’s really gives a better all around workout.  I really like that the Stretchie band is light and folds up small so it travels easy.

3. Great reading–  “Made to Crave” by Lisa Terkeust, “Love to Eat, Hate to Eat” and “Uncommon Vessels” by Elyse Fitzpatrick. These three books are tremendous help and encouragement!  They really get to the heart of why we crave what we do and how we can develop healthier habits.  Not for just physical health, but spiritual and mental as well.  I recommend them HIGHLY.  Not just another weight loss book and not a diet book, so much more!

For the month of October I am going to be writing a 31 days series as part of a once a year event with thenester.com So I will resume my Trasnformation Tuesdays in November!  Lots of fun stuff coming up next month, follow me on Facebook so you don’t miss a thing!

Sep 18

Transformation Tuesday…Superfoods!

Here we are on week number two!!  How did your past week go?  If you have not read my first post for Transformation Tuesday, you can check that out here.  My goal is to lose ten pounds (FOR GOOD!) by December 31st!  No more yo-yo diets. So, last week, my first step was no mindless eating in the evenings.  It is tricky because I somehow get comfort (very temporary comfort) from mindless munching in front of the TV in the evenings.  That comfort is short lived and I ALWAYS regret it the next day!  So I kept myself busy with work, reading, talking with my kids or husband etc. to avoid the mindless eating.  (Not that it was easy…) But it turns out that when I don’t spend my evening in front of the TV, I actually have more time in my day!  Who doesn’t need that?!

This week I am going to talk about my superfoods!  The foods I know will keep me on track and keep me feeling good.  We have all heard the saying “you are what you eat” and more and more I understand the truth behind this.  The more I eat sugary or salty snacks the more I crave them and the worse I feel.  I have no energy or strength and I am just plain crabby!  And the more I make healthy choices, the better and stronger I feel.  I accomplish more and I am a much nicer person!  :-)

So part of getting healthy and losing weight is finding the right foods for you.  We are all different and have different preferences, so invest some time in finding the foods that will strengthen you and allow you to continue to make healthy choices.

These are my go-to foods that I can count on to help me feel strong and healthy every time!

1. LOTS AND LOTS of WATER!!  Drink water all through the day and start with water when you feel hungry. It may be thirst, disguised as hunger, that you are feeling.

2. TEA!  I drink lots of Green Tea and Energy Tea throughout the day.  Having a warm cup of tea fills me up without a bunch of calories.  And when I am having a hard time getting going in the morning or feeling an afternoon slump Shaklee’s Energy Tea really gives me a burst of energy, LOVE IT!

3. Cheese and Almonds! For a quick snack full of protein I go to cheese or almonds…or sometimes both!  A small amount  satisfies hunger quickly.

4.  Spinach!  Spinach can be added to smoothies, scrambled eggs, salads and more.  It is chock full of nutrients such as; vitamins C, K and A, also fiber, calcium and magnesium!  Pump up your nutrients!

5. Greek Yogurt!  An amazing source of protein!  Can be added to smoothies or eaten with fruit for a great snack or meal!  You can also sneak it into recipes, dips salad dressings, even frosting! [ no, frosting is NOT one of my superfoods! :-) ]

6. Cinch Shakes and Meal Bars!  Last, but certainly NOT least are the Shaklee Cinch shakes and meal bars!  I often use these as a substitute for a meal or a quick on-the-go meal.  I have tried other brands of protein shakes, but I always felt a drop in my blood sugar levels soon after drinking them, which means a drop in energy, too.  But NOT with Cinch! I always feel strong and energized after a Cinch shake or bar!

This week, find your SUPERFOODS or try some of the ones I mentioned.  Set up a plan that you can stick to for your success!  Next week…more tools to keep you on track and inspire you!

Sep 11

Transformation Tuesday!

Transformation Tuesday!  Today is the day!  Today is YOUR day to start something NEW!  YOUR day to start a TRANSFORMATION!!  Yes, REALLY!  Where to start?  Well, first make a list of the areas in your life that you are discouraged by and weighed down by.  Physically, mentally, spiritually.  Now, choose ONE.  Something that you could change for good, something that you may have committed to before and tried to change before.  THIS time you ARE going to make that change!

Maybe repairing a relationship, un-cluttering your house, shedding those unwanted pounds, reviving your prayer life…whatever it is for you, you can start right now!  And I am going to start a transformation of my own along with you!  Every Tuesday I am going to be taking you through my Transformation Journey, step by step.  And I hope you will share your story with me, too!

My first Transformation journey will start now, September 11, 2012 and go through December 31, 2012.  Your journey may not be at all the same as mine, but I hope that I can encourage you with my story and if I can help, encourage or pray for you on your journey, PLEASE let me know.

So, what is MY first Transformation?  Well, I am the very proud Mommy of three wonderfully crazy little boys.  Three big blessings!  But with each pregnancy I have kept on more weight that I wanted.  My youngest is now almost two years old and I am pretty sure when my “baby” is that old…it’s not pregnancy weight I am carrying anymore, I have to come out and call it what it is…plain old fat!  :-(   I know that many of us women struggle with that, whether it’s an extra 10 or an extra 100 pounds.  I often think, “I have nothing to wear!”  But really it’s, “I am not comfortable in anything hanging in my closet.”  My Transformation Project to be completed by the end of this year is to lose 10 pounds and keep it off this time.  No more yo-yo effect!

This week’s project is to start by changing our thinking…when you thought about making your change did you think, “MAYBE?”  Or did you think “I WILL”  If you think that you could MAYBE make a change…then it’s not going to happen!  Think and say, OUT LOUD, “I WILL” make a change!  Remove the negative, it just pulls us down and drowns us, defeats us.

Today, I will start by knowing that my Transformation WILL happen by my goal of December 31, 2012.  No sense in waiting until the New Year, who ever really keeps their resolutions anyway??

But just saying “I WILL” isn’t good enough, you also need a WHY?  Write it down  and put it where you can see it everyday.  If there is no reason why, then, again, it won’t happen!  My WHY is to be a healthy example for my family and others.  

As my goal is weight loss, my first step this week is no mindless eating in the evening.  Does anyone else do that? Somehow that has become a comfort to me, but I ALWAYS regret it the next morning.  What I think will relieve stress actually causes me more!  So here is my first before picture.  Instead of watching the numbers on the scale, once a week I will put on my goal pants.  Watching the scale can be stressful and discouraging, so get yourself some goal pants, too.  Maybe ones you used to fit it or pants you have never fit in, but want to now.  I had to do a dance to get these things on and had to peel them off afterwards!


Start with me TODAY!!  Think “I WILL,” make that change, determine your first step, write down your why!  And share your story with me and others!  Telling people will get you more motivated!  Next week I will share some of the tools that will help me on my journey!