Aug 07

Project Dream Blessings

What a blessing!  Last week I had the awesome opportunity to meet up with several of the ladies on my team in Nashville!  I cannot express how amazing it is to have a support group of like-minded women working together towards one goal.  The impossible is suddenly possible when you can share your life, your story and your struggles with such a team.  I was inspired, motivated, blessed and had a blast!

Project Dream International

I partnered with PROJECT DREAM over 1 year ago and that was the best decision I ever made!!!

If you ever thought about joining us, working from home, spreading health, creating a passive income, connecting with other motivated women, or are just curious about what we do, I invite you to listen in on our webinar and see if this team is for you!

We are women on a mission.


Maybe you’re looking for a way to get healthier. Or a way to make a healthier income. Maybe you’d like both. Maybe there are things that matter more to you than money.

We get it.

Project Dream is a successful online business community making an amazing difference in the world.

The only way each of us has become successful with Project Dream is by helping our team partners to be successful.

During the webinar, you will learn:

What is Project Dream?

What do we do?

What is our mission?

Why did we choose Shaklee as our brand partner?

Learn about our training program.

Hear personal stories.

Open Q & A.

Register Now at:

Project Dream Intl.

Once registered you will receive an email confirming your registration with information you need to join the Webinar.

If you have questions, e-mail me at  I’d love to chat!  ~Kelly



Feb 24

Go Green in 2013~ Microfiber Magic!



Our recent move to a new home has presented many opportunities to “turn over a new leaf.”  I am trying my best to make it a very “green” leaf!  The latest change we have made is kicking paper towels to the curb.  They are handy, but also expensive and turns out…unnessesary!  I wasn’t sure I could actually go with out paper towels, but I now have a new love!  MICROFIBER TOWELS!  Have YOU tried them???  Even my husband can’t stop commenting on how useful they are!

So many great uses, so economical, use them over and over.  Microfiber has incredibly fine fibers that capture dust and dirt.  Such fine fibers also make the towels super absorbent, which comes in handy with kids!  Great for all sorts of messes!  I found this pack of 24 towels at Sam’s Club for less than $12!

Microfiber towels from Sams

These are some of my favorite ways to use Microfiber towels:

Microfiber for Window Washing

Microfiber for Washing Dishes

Microfiber for Soaking Up Spills

Microfiber For Polishing Silverware

Microfiber for Polishing Mirrors

Microfiber for Polishing Fixtures

Microfiber For Hardwood Floors

Microfiber for Ceramic Floors

Microfiber for Dusting Furniture

Microfiber for Drying Dishes

Microfiber for Cleaning the Fridge

Microfber to Remove Water Spots

I keep my towels  easily accessable in the kitchen, ready and waiting for these and SO MANY other jobs!

Microfiber storage

Use them by themselves or with your favorite All-Purpose Cleaner!

Microfiber with your favorite all-purpose cleaner

What is your favorite way to use Microfiber Towels?  ~Kelly

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Nov 09

Tidy Friday: Shower Cleaning

Last month I was visiting my sister in St. Louis.  She is pregnant and therefore…leaning over to scrub a tub is not high on her list these days!  So I thought I’d help her out! Her husband is a mechanic and comes home each night covered, head to toe, with dirt, oil and all sorts of other grimy stuff.  First thing he does is hop into the shower…leaving the tub, well…not a pretty site!

You can see here the line dividing the clean from the…not so clean!  Really the dirt didn’t show up that well…so it was worse than you can see here…sorry, sis!

Most of the shower/tub cleaners on the store shelves these days are so unpleasant to work with.  The fumes are strong or they send a powdery dust in the air that you can’t avoid breathing-in.

Shaklee Scour Off  is a safe alternative, smells great,{like really great, you’ll want to eat it, but don’t ;-) }  awesome cleaning power, no harmful fumes!  Simply remove a SMALL amount from the container, use with PLENTY of water and scrub away!


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Sep 28

Tidy Friday…How to Clean a Ceiling Fan

So how do you clean a ceiling fan without all the dust falling on you and flying everywhere?

Try this!  Use a pillowcase to clean the fan blades and all the mess falls into the pillowcase instead of on your head!  I sprayed Shaklee Basic H2 (all purpose cleaner) inside the pillowcase and then easily wiped down each fan blade.

Throw the pillowcase in the laundry and you’re done!  Easy!

Much better!

Coming in October, I am participating in a 31 day series with, so my Tidy Friday series will pick back up again in November.  Lots of fun stuff planned for October, don’t miss a thing.  Follow me on Facebook!

Sep 21

Tidy Friday…rust stains!

Last Friday I started a series on cleaning called “Tidy Friday.”  There is always something to clean, so why not write about it?!  This week when I went downstairs to start a load of laundry in my mother-in-law’s washing machine, I noticed the door was a yucky rust color, eww!  They have well water, so it is hard, rusty water and  leaves a rust stain in the sinks, tubs and washing machine.

I wasn’t really sure what would take the rust stain away, so I dove into my cupboard of new Shaklee products and I found Scour Off which I hadn’t had a chance to use yet.  So let’s see what this stuff can do…!

Well, it turns out it is pretty amazing!  It is a concentrated paste, so I took a little bit with some water on a sponge and rubbed it on the inside of the washing machine door.  I let it sit a few seconds and then wiped it off.  Wish my story was more exciting, but THAT’S IT!  That all I had to do!  This whole process took less than two minutes.  I’d say that’s some pretty good cleaning power!  Check this out!

Eww, right?!

Much Better!

What can you use this powerful stuff for?