Apr 11

DIY All-Natural Egg Dyes

Egg dyeing kits are a very fun and popular purchase this time of year, but how simple it is to make your own dyes using natural spices, teas, fruits and vegetables!  You can create beautiful egg displays experimenting with these natural dyes.  Plus, you don’t have to worry about what ingredients are in store-bought kits.

All Natural Egg Dyes

These are some general recipes to try.  Add more or less water/vinegar to vary the colors.  So many possibilities!

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Mar 29

Purple Power Immune Booster Ice Cream (With Echinacea)

I think I mentioned it before, but allergy/cold season has hit our area of Florida pretty hard this year.  People I have talked to who have lived here for years have told me that this is an especially bad year.  I don’t have much to compare it to as this was really only our first full winter here.  We have been stocking up on Alfalfa (clears nasal passages, relieves allergies), Vitamin C (immune booster) and Garlic (natural antibiotic).  But my all time favorite is Defend and Resist!

Defend and Resist contains Echinacea … which activates the immune system, promotes production of white blood cells, enhances resistance to infection (viral and bacterial), anti-inflammatory, promotes wound healing, reduces mucous, relieves boils, gangrene, ulcerations, bites, abscesses, and fights candida.  Also contains Larch Tree extract and Elderberry to surround viruses and help prevent their reproduction. Best taken at onset of a virus. Can also be used as a zinc lozenge, made into a tea or crushed into applesauce.  Or try this immune boosting ice cream recipe!

Immune Booster Ice Cream

 Purple Power Immune Booster Ice Cream

2-3 Bananas

3 Defend and Resist per Banana

1/2 tsp Vanilla

4-5 Ice Cubes (optional)

Peel, slice and freeze the bananas.  Crush Defend and Resist with a garlic press or spoon.  Toss frozen bananas and crushed Defend and Resist into a blender or food processor.  Add vanilla and ice cubes (if desired).  Blending with ice makes a texture more similar to ice cream, blending without ice gives a creamier texture.  Blend all ingredients together until smooth and creamy.  Can be served right away or frozen again and served at a later time. Try adding a scoop to your smoothie for immune boosting power!

Purple Power Immune Booster Ice Cream 1

Purple Power Immune Booster Ice Cream 2

Purple Power Immune Booster Ice Cream 3

Purple Power Immune Booster Ice Cream 6

Purple Power Immune Booster Ice Cream 4

Purple Power Immune Booster Ice Cream 8

Purple Power Immune Booster Ice Cream 5

Purple Power Immune Booster Ice Cream

How do you beat cold and allergy season?  I’d love to hear!  Blessings to you! ~Kelly

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Feb 20

A Calm Place For Our Kids

Oh, the beauty of a precious pregnant belly!  It is such an exciting time, just imagining and wondering what this tiny little person will be like.  The miracle of how two tiny pieces of two people can become another person, I shall never understand it.  Simply amazing!

A Calm Place For Our Kids

Growing in the cozy warmth of his (or her) mother’s womb, everything that baby needs is provided in that perfect environment.

But after that baby is born and as he grows, there is wealth of overwhelming stimulations daily in his face.  Gone is that quiet cozy environment and it is replaced by what can be a very scary place!

My first child came into this world eager to explore and learn and loved every new thing.  He was so flexible, listened well and we took him everywhere and traveled often.  Parenting was a breeze! When I saw kids in a store or restaurant throwing a tantrum or whining or being disobedient, I (shame on me) thought something was wrong with the parents.  I thought to myself all they have to do is….

I was apparently a very naive parent…I thought I had all the answers.  And so…then I had my SECOND child and my eyes were WIDE opened.  Boy, did I have a lot to apologize for to those parents I had judged!  …….

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Feb 10

Strawberry Apple Fruit Leather

My boys REALLY like gummy fruit snacks.  I REALLY do not like all the additives and food dyes in them.  There are more natural versions out there, but they are super pricey.  So, I was very pleased to discover how simple it is to make our own fruit leather.  I know exactly what is in it and it costs only the price of the fruit. It takes a while to bake, but otherwise it is super simple.

Strawberry Apple Fruit Leather1

Strawberry Apple Fruit Leather

3 Cups sliced Strawberries

2 Cups peeled and chopped apples

2 Tbsp Honey or Agave (more or less to taste)

Parchment Paper

Pre-heat oven to 170 degrees.  Toss all ingredients into a blender.  Blend until very smooth and thoroughly mixed.  Spread mixture evenly onto parchment paper on a 11×17 baking sheet.  Place into the heated oven for 6-8 hours.  You will know the fruit leather is done when it looks dry and matte.  It is easiest to cut into strips while it is still on the parchment paper.  I just use my kitchen shears and cut into equal sized strips.  It cools very quickly, so you can cut it within a few minutes of removing from the oven.  Store on the parchment paper and peel when ready to eat.

Strawberry Apple Fruit Leather

Strawberry Apple Fruit Leather

My kids usually eat them up in a couple of days, but I am sure they would store in an airtight container for a week or two.  Pretty much any fresh or frozen fruit combination will work.  It you use frozen, let it thaw a bit so it will blend smooth.  Blessings! ~Kelly

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Feb 08

Parent/Child Notebooks

When I had one child, It seemed that I had more time to be patient and listen.  It was easier to connect with that child because there was no one else vying for my attention.  Now that I have three children, I find it more difficult to connect with each of them personally throughout the day.  I feel like my oldest child, especially, gets pushed aside while I deal with the busy-ness of my three and five-year old boys who have a passionate love/hate relationship with one another.  The best of friends, the worst of enemies!  I am currently in the referee stage of life with them.  If everyone survives until bed time, then we call that a successful day! :-)

Meanwhile, my nine-year old has dreams, cares and inventions that he wants to share, but I am often unable to give him the full attention he needs.  I always say, “Just a minute”…but a quiet minute hardly ever arrives in our home.  Three boys…need I say more?

Parent/ Child Notebooks

So this month in our MOPS group someone had the great idea to put together parent/child notebooks for each child.  Parent/child notebooks where anything goes and it’s just between that child and the parent.  It is a place to ask questions, share thoughts throughout the day, make up a joke…anything!  And then it gets passed back and forth between child and parent daily.

When I presented this idea to my nine-year old, he was as excited as I was!  What a great way to make a connection and give him the attention he needs.  As my younger boys get older I think I will do the same with them.  These will be such an awesome memory to look back on in years to come, as well.

We are passing our notebooks back and forth by hiding it under each other’s pillows.  It’s a fun thing to find there at the end of the day.  You could also come up with some sort of mailbox or other delivery system, keep it fun!

If you are not sure what to write about, I love these conversation starters!  They cover a wide variety of subjects and I am sure you will both find out new information about one another.

Conversation Starters from imom.com

“Train up a child in the way he should go: and when he is old, he will not depart from it.”  Proverbs 22:6

Blessings to you and your family! ~Kelly

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