Dec 20

Simple Pinecone Swag

Simple Pinecone Swag

Recently our family was out on a walk together and we came across a trail littered with beautiful pinecones.  Don’t you love how God decorates for us in the beauty of nature?! :) Beyond the physical beauty of pinecones, just think about their picture of renewal and growth.  It is not until a pinecone experiences hot/dry/difficult times that it open up to fulfill the greatness it was created for.  If a pinecone never opens up and grows, it cannot spread any seed or fulfill its purpose.  So lovely!

That day it didn’t occur to me to pick some up and bring them home…so I had to go back another day when I had decided to put this project together.  

Simple Pinecone Swag

DIY Simple Pinecone Swag…

Simple Pinecone Swag 5

Find the rest of this post at Day2DayJoys!  I’d love to hear your favorite pinecone project ideas as I picked up quite a collection of them!  See you there!


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Sep 29

DIY Straw and Burlap Fall Wreath

Hi there! This is Erica (Kelly’s sister), guest posting again. Today I am sharing a simple DIY fall wreath that you can put together in a short afternoon.

title-fall wreath

I am not a great decorator, but I love to try DIY projects. We have been trying to sell our house this summer and I thought a little curb appeal might help. Worth a shot, right?

1 wreath

Here are the supplies you will need:

straw wreath
roll of burlap (I bought 10 yds and had plenty left over)
twine or glue
assorted fall flowers/decorations
*coffee optional :)

2 wreath 3 wreath 4 wreath

5 wreath

I continued to twist and wrap the burlap around the wreath until it was about halfway around.

6 wreath

I secured this end with a matching piece of twine but you could easy use glue or ribbon.

7 wreath

Now you are ready for embellishments. I had some orange fall flowers, brown grass, and green straw balls. All of these have wire stems so I was able to push them into the straw wreath. If you have embellishments without stems, a little hot glue would be great for securing them.

8 wreath 9 wreath

I played with the flower placement until it looked how I wanted. Again, I was going for simple and quick so I only used a few embellishments.  You can add more or less to fit your taste.

wreath 10

Finally, I used another piece of the burlap to create a loop to hang my wreath. I simply tied the ends together and put that at the back.

title-fall wreath

Looks great on our front door, right? And it goes well with the other fall decor I pulled together :)

wreath 11 wreath 12

Thanks for letting me share my fall wreath with you and I hope you feel inspired to create your own.

Thanks so much for sharing, Erica! Find more from Erica on Pinterest and Facebook!


May 21

Tea Tree and Lemon Oil Lip Balm

Tea Tree and Lemon Oil Lip Balm

I am so blessed to have been a part of Day2Day Joys for a whole year now!  I enjoy getting to know you all through your comments and e-mails.  Thank you for sharing your life with me!

For my first contributing post here, I had shared my love for Shea Butter with my Natural Shea Butter Suncreen recipe.  My son has long struggled with eczema and psoriasis issues and most store-bought sunscreens irritate his skin. Now we use Shea Butter in several other bath and body recipes in our home.  One of which is a homemade lip balm recipe.

Tea Tree and Lemon Oil Lip Balm 6

Tea Tree And Lemon Oil Lip Balm 1st

Read the rest of this post over at where I am contributing today!  See you there!!  Blessings!  ~Kelly

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Apr 17

5 Easter Mason Jar Centerpieces!

Easte Mason Jar Collage 3

Easter Mason Jars Collage 1

Looking for a simple way to decorate your Easter table?  You still have a little time to put together these Easter Mason Jars!  Really, you can’t go wrong with Mason Jars, they are the perfect centerpiece for any holiday, so many uses!  Here are five fun and festive ideas:

1. Jelly Bean Jar:

Easter Mason Jars~ Jelly Bean Egg

This one is my boys favorite! :-) I found these Easter stencils at the dollar store, perfect!  Trace them onto sticky backed vinyl and stick the shape onto the jar.  Paint the jar and when completely dry, peel off the vinyl and fill with jelly beans!

Easter Mason Jars~ Egg Jelly Bean Jar

2. Bunny Jar Vase:

Easter Mason Jar~ Bunny Vase

I painted this vase on the inside, by shaking the paint to cover the inside of the jar.  Place the Bunny vinyl on the outside of the jar and cover with Sparkle Mod Podge.  Add a ribbon and flowers for a simple, yet elegant centerpiece!

Easter Mason Jars~ Bunny Vase

3. Carrot Top Jar:

Easter Mason Jars~ Carrot Top 1

Shake the orange paint around the inside of the jar.  Flip to let extra paint drain out.  While that dries, tie strips of green tulle (6×14 in.) all the way around the lid.  When the paint is dry, hot glue the lid to the jar and add some raffia.  If your carrot top does not stand up straight enough, a little hairspray should do the trick!

Easter Mason Jars~ Carrot Top

4. Jelly Bean and Peep Jar:

Easter Mason Jar~Peeps and Jelly Beans

Take the peeps out of the package without separating them.  Arrange them in the bottom of the jar and then fill the rest with jelly beans.  I used artificial flowers, but if you want to use fresh flowers, place a smaller vase inside the jar and just fill jelly beans around that vase.

Easter Mason Jars~Peeps and Jelly Beans

5. Burlap Flower Vase:

Easter Mason Jars~ Burlap Flowers

After painting the jar, stencil on the flowers and hot glue the burlap strip to the jar.

Easter Mason Jars~ Burlap Flowers 1

Happy Easter everyone!  Blessings to you and your family!  ~Kelly

Easter Mason Jar Collage

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(A version of this post originally posted HERE as a guest post that I wrote. ~Kelly)