Nov 01

31 Days of Homemade Holidays Complete List

Hi all!  To those of you who have been reading along the past month, you know I just wrapped up a 31 day series on Homemade Holidays.  Was such a busy month and feels great to have accomplished so much!  Thought I would post, in one easy place, all the projects that were done.  So here is a list and photo of each project, enjoy!

Day 1: Pumpkin Painting






Day 2: Apple Holder






Day 3: Owl and Spider Snacks






Day 4: Pumpkin Spice Playdough






Day 5: Mason Jar Jack-o-Lantern






Day 6: Pumpkin Apple Pancakes






Day 7: Owl Banner






Day 8: Thanksgiving Tablecloth






Day 9: Thanksgiving Napkin Rings






Day 10: Pumpkin Stew






Day 11: Pumpkin Sugar Cookie Pie






Day 12: M&M Turkeys






Day 13: Marbleized Leaves






Day 14: Owl Pillow Box






Day 15: Butterhorns






Day 16: Salt Dough Ornaments






Day 17: Snowman Milk Jar






Day 18: Advent Paper Trees






Day 19: Water Bottle Wrapping Paper






Day 20: Christmas Promise Cards






Day 21: Christmas Card Pins






Day 22: Marble Magnets






Day 23: Wreath Bread






Day 24: Felt Christmas Tree






Day 25: Balloon Christmas Lights






Day 26: Photo Bookmarks






Day 27: Magnet Calendar






Day 28: DIY Lacing Cards






Day 29: Paper Stars






Day 30: DIY Printed Candles






Day 31: Wooden Picture Prints


Oct 30

31 Days of Homemade Holidays! Day 31:Wooden Picture Prints

Oh, my goodness!  Last day of this 31 day series!!  Has been a fantastic challenge to write something 31 days in a row, had several late nights and almost didn’t make it some days.  But now it’s so great to look back at all that was accomplished this month!  So, last project to post in this series…..

Day 31: Wooden Picture Prints!


Blocks of wood and pictures the same size (printed on regular copy paper), Gel medium, Mod Podge, paintbrushes

A few simple steps in this project, but there is a waiting time in between each.  Start by covering the wood with the gel medium.

Place the picture, print side down, on the wood and smooth out all the bubbles with your hand.


Now let those dry for at least 8 hours.  When they are completely dry, wet the paper with a washcloth or sponge.

Rub the paper off as much as you can with your hands and then use a dry sponge or paintbrush to brush off all of the little pieces.

 Let the wood dry and then cover with Mod Podge to seal your pictures.  A unique gift or way to display your  favorite pictures!

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Oct 29

31 Days of Homemade Holidays! Day 30: DIY Printed Candles


I have been wanting and waiting to share with you one of my favorite DIY gifts.  Simple, beautiful and can be personalized!  Today’s homemade gift is DIY printed candles!

Day 30: DIY Printed Candles!


Pillar candles, tissue paper, embossing heat tool, images to print on the tissue paper, cardstock, stamps and stamp pads, stickers, glue stick or tape

To begin, choose what you would like printed on the candles.  A certain image or message.  To print a picture on tissue paper, cut the tissue paper to the size of the cardstock.  Use a glue stick or tape to attach the two.

Place the tissue paper/cardstock combination in the printer paper drawer, tissue paper side down.  Print or copy the image onto the tissue paper.

For these candles I printed an Owl Placecard from here (Stephanie Fizer Coleman) and here for the paisley print.

Cut the tissue paper just a bit smaller than the candle you are using.  Can use printed pictures or decorate with rubber stamps and/or stickers.  Personalize it by printing or stamping on the tissue paper.  So many possibilities!

When you have your design ready on the tissue paper, lay it across the candle.

Begin at one end and use the heat tool to melt the paper to the candle.  It will happen rather quickly as the tool is very hot.  Be careful not to hold the heat tool in one place for too long or it will burn the tissue paper.

You will see the change as the paper melts into the candle.

Work your way slowly all around the candle for a beautiful, finished product!  So pretty!

Try these for a simple Christmas gift, wedding favor, house-warming or hostess gift!

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Oct 28

31 Days of Homemade Holidays! Day 29: Paper Stars

A couple more days and we come to the close of this 31 day series!  Has been a very crafty month here with some of my favorite homemade gifts yet to come in the next two days, don’t miss them!  Follow along on Facebook so you don’t miss out!

Day 29:Paper Stars!

I think these are so classy…they look challenging to make, but they’re really not, try it out!


Cardstock scrapbook paper (2 12×12 sheets/star), glue gun, ribbon, scissors

Begin by folding the paper corner to corner (both ways) and then side to side (both ways).

Then make 4 cuts not quite half way to the center of the paper on the side folded lines.  NOT from the corners.

Now lay the paper with the print side down and fold in the corners to make four points.

Pull in each of the corners and glue one triangle flap on the other.

Repeat all steps with the other sheet of paper to make two matching halves.  Then hot glue the two together to complete the star.

Add a ribbon and find a place to hang or prop them up on your mantle!

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Oct 27

31 Days of Homemade Holidays! Day 28: DIY Lacing Cards

With three young boys at home, I am ALWAYS looking for good ways to keep their little hands busy.   Today’s project will do just that!

Day 27: DIY Lacing Cards!


Dot paints, Christmas colored cardstock, scissors, hole punch, laminator sheets or clear contact paper, round shoestrings or yarn

Have the kids cover the paper with the dot paints.  Just an FYI…these say washable, but it didn’t really want to come off my kid’s skin.  Washed out of their clothes okay, though. :-)

When the paints are dry, cut out shapes such as Christmas trees, stockings, stars, snowmen, etc.

Run the shapes through the laminator or cover with contact paper.  Cut off the extra plastic and then punch holes all around the outside of each shape.

Now you are ready to play!  

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