Jul 21

Leading Little Ones To Love God’s Word

In a recent series at church, our pastor taught on the greatest gift we can bestow upon our children…”The Blessing.”  He spoke on ways to work through things we may or may have not received from our parents and how to bless our own children.  Simple really, but sometimes the words may not come as easily as they should.  What our children really need to hear is that we LOVE them and that we are PROUD of them.  No. matter. what.  And even more importantly, they need to know the love of the one true God.  They need to know about the relationship our God longs to have with each and every one of us.  God’s Word can be misunderstood as a book of rules, but it’s real message is RELATIONSHIP.

“You shall teach them diligently to your children, and shall talk of them when you sit in your house, and when you walk by the way, and when you lie down, and when you rise.”Dueteronomy 6:7


 Teaching our children should be part of our everyday life, not just during church or family devotions.  While family devotion time is an excellent idea, if we are not living what we are teaching, we will just push our children away from God instead of drawing them nearer.  Teaching them as we walk in the way will keep it fresh and natural instead of forced and uncomfortable.


I love what our pastor said about this, “You know what’s so special about sitting, walking and lying down?  NOTHING!!” Just being a godly example to our children can have the biggest impact on them!

Incorporate it into your daily life, make it fun, be the example of love and relationship.

This knowledge has caused us to relax more in our family devotion time.  We have mixed it up more, by reading from the Bible one day, a picture book another day or watching JellyTelly Videos, etc.  Just making it fun!!

These are some of our favorite books and resources that we have been using as we “walk by the way.”

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~Blessings, Kelly

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Jul 11

What Is Worm Compost? (and why do I need it?)

What Is Worm Compost? (and why do I need it?) by PioneerMomma.com for Eyes on the Source Hey, everyone! It’s Ashley again :-) As you may know, we are working on our first garden this year. Which, so far, has really been going swimmingly. One of my favorite and most looked forward to parts of visiting our community garden plot is the thought of who might be there and what we can learn from them. Our fellow gardeners have been so extremely helpful!

Our gardening neighbors are some of the friendliest and most knowledgeable people. I credit much of our success to the tips we’ve received from each gardener. All three of us were lucky enough to be there (sweatin’ our butts off!) for the latest lesson: worm poop!

Worm compost (or vermicompost) is one of the best gifts you could give your growing fruits and veggies. I’ll tell you why.

You know when you go to the store and try to find the best soil you can get and it ends up being super pricey? Me too. I am guilty of purchasing a few bags myself. Little did I know that you can make your own for almost nothing! AND it’s helping the planet! Worm compost is a great way to create your own soil, whether you use it alone or in combination with other types. The resulting compost is nutrient rich in nitrogen and phosphates, which both help to promote overall plant and root growth. Plus, you know the composted soil you are adding to your garden is organic, so there is no worry on pesticides or added chemicals.

The number one thing you need to start a worm compost (aside from the bin) would be some worms. Our gardening friend David said that you want the Red Worms, or Red Wigglers, and they are different from the regular earthworms. These can digest more of the organic waste you will be putting into your compost bin, which means more compost soil to use for your garden. We asked him where would be the easiest place to get them, and can you believe you can pick them up at a regular bait shop? Come to think of it, when I went fishing in high school, it was the Red Wigglers that I used most often as bait. You don’t need too many, just about a handful to start, as they can multiply quickly.

What Is Worm Compost? (and why do I need it?) by PioneerMomma.com for Eyes on the Source

You see that band around the worm there? According to our spontaneous lesson, that band indicates that the worm is ready to reproduce. Which is a great thing for your bin! If you have a healthy compost bin, your worms should be reproducing regularly, and breaking down the organic waste on a pretty constant schedule.

What Is Worm Compost? (and why do I need it?) by PioneerMomma.com for Eyes on the Source

Blurry pic, but even Bubba got into inspecting the worms!

Ready to start your own? All you need is a large tub, like the Rubbermaid type one in the picture ( I didn’t actually check, it could very well be an actual Rubbermaid container :-) ). Poke some breathing holes along the sides, towards the top portion of the bin. Make sure they are big enough to let air circulate through, but small enough to where your worms won’t get out. They likely won’t want to anyway, once you start filling your bin.

Place a very damp newspaper in the bottom of the bin with some broken egg shells and some organic waste, like plant clippings, or excess fruits or veggies. Make sure you don’t put too much, or your bin will start to rot and smell pretty icky. After a few days to a week, check on your bin. You should see some brand new composted soil, and you can add more organic waste to feed your new little friends. Use your best judgement to determine how often to feed the little guys. Check every couple of days, and if they are breaking things down enough, drop a few more things in.

What Is Worm Compost? (and why do I need it?) by PioneerMomma.com for Eyes on the Source

If, when you open the lid to the compost bin, they immediately try to escape out the top, double-check that you haven’t added anything toxic to the mix. Or maybe there is too much food, or even some items (like grapes and zucchini) just need to be cut up or opened first.

The great thing about the worm compost is that it is pretty continuous. You can keep a steady flow going, and mix it into your regular soil, or even try using just the compost! Be sure to keep the bin in a shady and cool location, as they don’t like to work very hard in the heat. I don’t blame them!

I am incredibly grateful for our little gardening lessons, and can’t wait to start our own! I have some clippings going, but we haven’t picked up the worms just yet.

What Is Worm Compost? (and why do I need it?) by PioneerMomma.com for Eyes on the Source

Some juicy shared strawberries after our worm lesson!

What do you use in your garden? Do you use worms to compost?

A huge thanks again to Kelly, for letting me share with your readers! Happy gardening! :-)

THANK YOU, Ashley!  And that is why I love to have other contributors and blog friends adding to the blog…for awesome info like that, I had NO IDEA!!  We are in a townhome with no space for a garden, except for in containers, I’m a bit jealous of Ashley’s awesome garden!!  :-)  Be sure to stop over and say Hi to Ashley and check out all the other awesome info on her blog! Blessings~Kelly

Jun 29

Hialeah VBS Missions Trip

We just wrapped up an exciting and fun week of Vacation Bible School at our Church!  This year’s theme was “Agency D3, ” Discover, Decide, Defend who Jesus really is!  I loved hearing my boys discuss their daily “mission” on the way home from church.  Each day they would have a question about Jesus to research, such as “Is Jesus really God’s Son?” or “Did Jesus really die?”  I love the passion, excitement and joy on all the kids faces.  I worked the registration table and then floated around filling in for helpers…with my littlest munchkin tagging along.  His favorite job was passing out snacks!

VBS Hello Summer

Recently,  we were presented with an opportunity to bring this same VBS experience to a church plant in one of the most unreached population areas in the country.  We have prayerfully decided that it would be a great local missions trip experience for our family.  So, two of my sons and I are looking forward to a trip to Hialeah, Florida in August!  While we are gone, my middle son will be spending the week with his Grandma and Papa being thoroughly spoiled!

Hialeah is a city about 20 minutes outside of Miami.  Three South Florida counties—Miami, Broward and Palm Lake—comprise one of the most challenging missions fields in the United States with an estimated population of 10 million persons—a figure that includes undocumented persons—who represented more than 175 nationalities and speak in dozens of languages.

We’ll have the chance to minister directly to kids – bringing the gospel to them in a fun, interactive way.  And it is an amazing opportunity for training our children in how to serve and gives them experience as missionaries – without leaving their state!

We will be staying in bunk-house style mission housing and working at the church.  It has not yet been decided if VBS will be in the morning or evening, but during non-VBS hours we will help with clean-up, painting and general bettering of the church grounds and other random jobs.


We would love if you would remember us in prayer while we are on this trip!

Prayer requests:

~ Safety in travels and in our time with the children/families

~Wisdom to teach and encourage the children about God’s love for them

~Unity among our group of volunteer families

~Strength and energy for a busy week

~And most of all that God would be glorified in all that we do!

Make sure to follow us on Facebook so you can see pictures and updates throughout the week!  We are so excited to see all that God has planned and can’t wait to be a part of it all!  We can’t do it without your help, thank you so much!

Blessings! ~Kelly


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Jun 18

5 Tips For Blood Sugar Balance

5 Tips For Blood Sugar Balance

I have been doing a lot of research on blood sugar issues lately.  I have never been tested, but I am pretty sure I am borderline hypoglycemic.  My husband always says I treat eating like it’s my full-time job because I am always trying to plan ahead and not go too long without eating or I become what we call around here…HANGRY!  Hungry, angry, yup, you get the picture.  It’s not a pretty sight. :-)

I always have to pack snacks when we go places so the “hangry mama” doesn’t show up.

Hypoglycemia is basically a fancy word for low blood sugar.  If I don’t eat the right foods every few hours, I feel foggy, shaky and CRABBY!  If I eat junk food or a lot of carbs I am a complete mess! Anyone else have these problems?

Low blood sugar and high blood sugar lead to a lack of energy, memory loss, shaking or dizziness and mood swings.  Our brain actually uses about 25% of our bodies blood sugar, so low blood sugar affects us mentally, very quickly.  In the long run blood sugar issues can lead to damaged organs and blood vessels, high blood pressure,  heart disease, heart attack, stroke and the list goes on.

It’s long list of issues I would like to avoid!  Prevention is always key!  A little research and planning can go a long way in preventing so many health issues.

5 Tips for Blood Sugar balance

These are my top FIVE tried and true blood sugar balance tips…..  

Head over to Day2DayJoys where I am contributing today to find out my top five blood sugar balance tips!



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Blessings to you!!  ~Kelly

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