31 Days of Homemade Holidays! Day 31:Wooden Picture Prints

Oh, my goodness!  Last day of this 31 day series!!  Has been a fantastic challenge to write something 31 days in a row, had several late nights and almost didn’t make it some days.  But now it’s so great to look back at all that was accomplished this month!  So, last project to post in this series…..

Day 31: Wooden Picture Prints!


Blocks of wood and pictures the same size (printed on regular copy paper), Gel medium, Mod Podge, paintbrushes

A few simple steps in this project, but there is a waiting time in between each.  Start by covering the wood with the gel medium.

Place the picture, print side down, on the wood and smooth out all the bubbles with your hand.


Now let those dry for at least 8 hours.  When they are completely dry, wet the paper with a washcloth or sponge.

Rub the paper off as much as you can with your hands and then use a dry sponge or paintbrush to brush off all of the little pieces.

 Let the wood dry and then cover with Mod Podge to seal your pictures.  A unique gift or way to display your  favorite pictures!

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