31 Days of Homemade Holidays! Day 28: DIY Lacing Cards

With three young boys at home, I am ALWAYS looking for good ways to keep their little hands busy.   Today’s project will do just that!

Day 27: DIY Lacing Cards!


Dot paints, Christmas colored cardstock, scissors, hole punch, laminator sheets or clear contact paper, round shoestrings or yarn

Have the kids cover the paper with the dot paints.  Just an FYI…these say washable, but it didn’t really want to come off my kid’s skin.  Washed out of their clothes okay, though. :-)

When the paints are dry, cut out shapes such as Christmas trees, stockings, stars, snowmen, etc.

Run the shapes through the laminator or cover with contact paper.  Cut off the extra plastic and then punch holes all around the outside of each shape.

Now you are ready to play!  

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