31 Days of Homemade Holidays Complete List

Hi all!  To those of you who have been reading along the past month, you know I just wrapped up a 31 day series on Homemade Holidays.  Was such a busy month and feels great to have accomplished so much!  Thought I would post, in one easy place, all the projects that were done.  So here is a list and photo of each project, enjoy!

Day 1: Pumpkin Painting






Day 2: Apple Holder






Day 3: Owl and Spider Snacks






Day 4: Pumpkin Spice Playdough






Day 5: Mason Jar Jack-o-Lantern






Day 6: Pumpkin Apple Pancakes






Day 7: Owl Banner






Day 8: Thanksgiving Tablecloth






Day 9: Thanksgiving Napkin Rings






Day 10: Pumpkin Stew






Day 11: Pumpkin Sugar Cookie Pie






Day 12: M&M Turkeys






Day 13: Marbleized Leaves






Day 14: Owl Pillow Box






Day 15: Butterhorns






Day 16: Salt Dough Ornaments






Day 17: Snowman Milk Jar






Day 18: Advent Paper Trees






Day 19: Water Bottle Wrapping Paper






Day 20: Christmas Promise Cards






Day 21: Christmas Card Pins






Day 22: Marble Magnets






Day 23: Wreath Bread






Day 24: Felt Christmas Tree






Day 25: Balloon Christmas Lights






Day 26: Photo Bookmarks






Day 27: Magnet Calendar






Day 28: DIY Lacing Cards






Day 29: Paper Stars






Day 30: DIY Printed Candles






Day 31: Wooden Picture Prints


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