Aug 29

Cleaning with my munchkins!


Busy morning today!  We dropped yet more stuff off at our local thrift shop in preparation for our upcoming move.  They ought to know us pretty well there by now!  Then when we arrived home, we got ready to do what I had been promising my boys and they were very excited about…You will never believe they were so excited about this!

They REALLY wanted to clean the windows!  In fact, I said to them “If you boys tidy up the living room, then we can clean the windows!”  And…I kid you not, they shouted “YAY!” and started picking up the toys!  HA!

Now, I would NEVER hand my boys a bottle of Windex and let them go on their merry way. But we have been blessed to find some great natural, green cleaners through Shaklee and my boys have had the best time cleaning with me!  Can’t say no to that!


This stuff is SUPER concentrated!  For windows you mix only 1-2 drops of  Get Clean Basic H2(R) Organic Super Cleaning Concentrate. with 16 oz of water!  This bottle is going to last me a LONG time!  I must admit I was a sceptic at first, but when I mixed it together in the spray bottle, there was some serious sudsing going on!  Shaklee is not kidding when they say “Super Cleaning Concentrate!”


So we gathered up our tools…one Get Clean Spray Bottle for each of the boys (of course, they must each have their own!) and some old cut up T-shirts. Now don’t worry…my youngest only had water in his.  Not that I don’t think it would be safe for him…I just know him and he will spray anything that moves…or doesn’t move for that matter!  You can see that sneaky little glint in his eye, can’t you?


The boys took off cleaning!  They cleaned the the big sliding glass window, the front bay window, the windows in all the bedrooms and then wanted more!  But, alas, we had run out of windows to clean!  :-)  And, honestly, I really didn’t help them except for the tops of the windows that they couldn’t reach!  Streak free shine, by three boys under the age of seven!  Yup, I’m SOLD on this stuff!

Not only that my children can safely clean with me, but the fun we had together was priceless!  It is hard enough to keep up with all the basic household cleaning and I think we tend to compartmentalize, cleaning time or playtime with the kids?  Well, how about both?  What are you doing that takes away from your family time?  Find a fun way to do it together!  It’s worth it, I promise!

Find more about Basic-H here: Get Clean® Starter Kit.





Aug 27

Rewind <<

Come with me back about 4 months ago…Let’s see how my family got to this point!  Currently, we live in Illinois.  With my husband’s health issues (I’ll get to those  in another post), we had been looking for a way to travel to warmer climates in the winter as suggested by his doctor.  Considered purchasing an RV for a while, but for many reasons, that just wasn’t working out.  So through another series of events we ended trying to find a place in Florida.  There must be a reason why everyone retires there, right?!

So we booked a rental condo in Clearwater Beach, FL for the month of May 2012.  We had contacted a realtor and she would have showings all set up for us…easy peasy right??  So we get to the condo…and THAT part was awesome!  Right on an inlet, two blocks from the beach…awesome!

 Ah-mazing views!  Day or night!  So we settled in and rested (which we needed badly after a 21 hour drive with three little boys, yow-za!) and two days later headed out to meet with the realtor.  She said we had some paperwork to look over, so we thought no problem, quick trip.  She neglected to tell us that we were going out to showings that evening, too.  I was completely unprepared, as we had all three boys with us…One needs LOTS of tricks to keep three boys entertained for such an event. Yes, I know I could have said it wasn’t a good time, but of course we were anxious to see some possibilities.  Long story short…YES, it was a complete disaster and not at all worth it!  The places she showed us were mostly unlivable and we even got to see several cockroaches…!  Although, I will say, the boys thought that part was pretty cool!  :-)

Our next couple meetings with this particular realtor were just as disappointing.  she expected us to pick her up at her home and drive HER around town.  Not my idea of customer service!  So, at the recommendation of my aunt, we began working with another realtor…1000% difference!  Very knowledgeable and helpful…and patient!

So with all that, we ended up extending our stay by an extra two months!  And after a lot of back and forth, (house or townhome?, townhome or house?) we ended up finding some new townhomes, new as in not even built yet, that we fell in love with!  Even were able to choose flooring, cabinets, countertops, etc.

Super fun!  Super excited!  But now we wait…And the worst part is we are not even there to “stalk” the house as it is being built!  Will have to see if my family in the area can sneak in to get some pictures for us!  Just got word that construction begins on September 10th.  Was hoping to avoid another Chicago winter…we’ll see!  Keep watch for more updates!

Aug 24

Flying high!


Up, Up and Away

So, you’re ready to fly? Ready to start that new adventure? Ready to see where this life can take you if you will take that LEAP of faith?
As I watched my boys work to get their kites soaring, my mind wandered to all the things in our life we are trying to “get soaring” as well. Currently, we are gearing up for a new school year, planning an out-of-state move, starting a new business and still juggling the normal business of life!
But as my boys found out…if we are willing to run, we WILL get there! Sometimes it is difficult and scary to let out more string, but if we don’t we will NEVER experience that soaring feeling, we will never fly.
Other times, if we let too much string out, we will crash and burn. But that does not mean we quit! Pick up that kite and start running again!! Time to let yourself soar and you will get there if you keep your eyes on the Source!